Junk Food Craze

How many times do we view God as if He were a drive-thru window at a fast food restaurant?  What we want from the Lord is something we expect to get immediately, and our hunger to know Him more has to be something that we crave!  We give that order into a metallic speaker and read more »

Life is a Museum

When was the last time you walked through the halls of a museum, down a row of exhibits barricaded by a wall of glass, and thought about your own life?  We peer through and appreciate the artifacts in museums scattered throughout our country, showcasing our culture, preserving the history that has shaped the freedom that read more »

Genre of Voice

As a child, I saw reverends speak from pulpits and God used these ministers greatly to convict and to prompt some kind of conviction, a heart-felt change.  As a teenager, I saw pastors speak from podiums booming words of love out to congregations about a compassion that is real, stirring within souls whispers about His read more »

Better, Not Bitter

There is always something about cobblestones, ancient archways overhanging narrow corridors, and hundreds of stairs cut in a magnificent maze of masonry winding through a town that remind me of a kingdom.  This is how I felt when I entered through the gates leading into the old city of Jerusalem; I didn’t have a care read more »

Casting Out

It was 6am when I stood on the shoreline. The sunrise over the Golan Heights was astounding; the rays beamed, breaking through the patches of clouds. Spotlights of sun dropped from the sky, shining on the Sea of Galilee, and reflecting bands of light that sparkled like diamonds upon its surface. As I watched, the read more »

If Only in a Dream…

It all seems surreal to me; my trip to Israel remains a dream.  Instead of one that has faded into detail and dulled upon my waking, my memories instilled function more like a paint brush; every time that I reflect on my time in Israel, it applies yet another coat of color to my experience, read more »

Scribble Sessions

My handwriting is celebrated as unsteady, shaky sessions that I call “scribbles”.  My sentences often look like a mixture of crooked upper and lower case letters written by a four-year-old, falling diagonal outside of notebook paper lines. My scribbles remind me of an art form.   My printing is illegible much of the time due read more »

Left Field Banter

San Diego, CA / June 5, ’11 I sat in seat 4, section 127, row 28. I was in right field just beyond the yellow foul post in homerun territory. I had an uninhibited view, staring out into left field. Amid the crack of the bats and the cheering fans, my favorite thing about being read more »


McKeesport, PA / January 13-17 ’11 I reconnected with a family that I had met about seven years ago in Papua New Guinea when I spoke at a missionary school for New Tribes Missions.  Now back in McKeesport, and ministering in a local church in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, the Ryder family remembered my story read more »

Stick Figures

Crestline, CA / January 7-9, `11 I found myself envious of that innocence that is captured in the heart of a child.  During my first winter camp of the season, I paused to reflect upon those years that seem so long ago.  What ever happened to our stick figures drawn with colorful chalk on the read more »